Flops to Fab....

Sometimes I don't realize how many projects I don't show you during the month!  I'm hoping to change that with a post that is later in the month (crossing my fingers that it's a regular occurrence) which shows you what is going on and what I didn't show you on social media!  My mistakes, flops, fabulousness, and wha-wha-whas!

First off I have to show you this pic from last weekends planner meetup.  I'm rarely goofy but couldn't help myself getting some time in front of the prop wall.  Seriously, life is short and I need to ham it up a bit more. Hi Leesa!!!

Here is my attempt at making a planner sticker for the event!  This is why I buy from people....They are on a whole 'nother level! Making this one sticker took and hour and it's a hot mess!  

About 30 seconds after I posted my #littlesummerjoy cover on IG, I changed it.  I hated it the way it was after I saw the posted pic and honestly, I still really don't like it even after I added the black chipboard piece and star embellishment. #UGGG Stay tuned for the next installment of 'keep adding stuff to make it look better' in next months flops to fab. :)

 I made a card for a friend and I actually liked the inside better than the out (can I say that?!?!)  But who wants to see a picture of the inside of the card?!?!?.  

Plus, right after I took this picture, I wrote my sentiment on the upper left blank space.  On the 3rd mis-spelled word, I finally gave up and ripped off the journaling card and replaced it.  My English teacher, Ms. Cunningham would have been severely displeased.  But thankfully, I liked the inside better with the new paper and better handwriting too.

Well, I hope you liked June's honest rendition of my crafty sucking and successes! 

 Much Love XOXOXOX

P.S... It feels so good to post about the absolutely frivolous details of my crafty life!!!

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  1. Cute photo of you, Kim! Aww, I really loved your cover, but I totally get where you're coming from. Can't see your new and improved one! :)


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