On Repeat

I've always wanted to do a repetitive picture layout but I wasn't sure how to put it together.  Finally, with this June's Clique Kit I was able to put the pieces together in my head enough to go for it!  I figured out I could use the repetitive picture as the "paper" and mask it somehow to make it a little softer.

Then using the exclusive Cut Files, I isolated the circle shape.

Repeating it and with different sizes, I made my own cut file design.

 The journaling was printed on velum and placed on the bottom with a row of labels covered with the vellum as a base.

 Again, more layers of paper underneath the main picture with bits of the same repeat picture peeking through the cut file.

 I always seem to go for the stapler! Guess I appreciate the industrial look in a softer layout to balance it. #stapleallthethings :) You can see the repetitive picture background 'paper' through the cut file.

Here is the whole layout!

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