Freckled Fawn | January Notes and Ramblings

Ah January.....A time when all things are refreshed and brand new!  This kit is chocked full of fabulous colors and sentiments which are perfect for this time of everyone's life.

Using my A5 Inkwell Press notes pages I assembled some of those goals and monthly thoughts.  The numbered journal card, I used as a date reminder for some important things that are happening this month. 

Here I cut a journal card on a diagonal and stapled it to another.  It makes a fun pocket for those fab wood veneers.  The 'hi' paperclip became 'hi-ghlights' for January.  We can have a little fun in your planners right?!?

As I transition to the other side,  I have taken the hexagon stickers and cut out just the bleed from the printer to create a fun trailing effect.

And I even played with the circle bleeds too to create a fun to-do face. 

I cut up a journal card for another project and saved the scraps to go along the rings here.  I also thought the felt heart ribbon would look awesome attached to a huge paper clip on either side of the rings.

The puffy stickers add some dimension to the layout as well as with those enamel triangles.  And you can't miss the graphic 2017 stapled in there as well...brilliant and fresh design by AesaLina here!

I sincerely hope 2017 greets with delight, renewal and clarity!


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