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Not to long ago I was thinking....Can I plan for the whole month using only 1 Freckled Fawn Kit?


What I mean is that I also received a 2 additional items from the planner kit: the pretty paper stickers and the puffy border stickers.  

Planner kit
Embellishment kit

BUT,  I did not use the wood veneer heart or one of the vellum phrase sheets.  So it kind of evened out!

After I set up the front of the divider, I jazzed up the back.

Then I used the borders between the washi strips  to underline the header for each mission.  Then using the foiled epoxy speckled hearts ,  I created a tab for the month.

When it came to the month spread, I used a scalloped shape to nestle those button stickers in. I also used the leftover backing sheet from the glitter chipboard stickers to create stencil and make headers or my banner flags on three of the days.

For this week I did a plan with me video, that you are more than welcome to enjoy.  I used the stencil one again to create the feathers this time to denote the weekend.

To mimic a notes section I divided off Monday to use it as such and then filled in with other ephemera to balance the spread.

I'm not sure why I've never tried this but I did section off each day with the washi strip borders.  It really is a great use for those last little bits of kit!

The next week I just did two corners of washi on Monday and Friday to balance out the week.

The notes and rambling section is sectioned off to help designate categories I will use.  Meeting notes, the month ahead thoughts and meal planning ideas are a great way to not waste that extra space in your planner.

Lastly, the focus page where I have layed out monthly goals and created daily habits. I may not have a focus for the month, but I really like the way this pretty little corner turned out to be.

I do have a walk through on my You Tube Channel where I talk more in depth about this monthly project.  It is also embedded below!  

Thank you for joining me today!

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