Freckled Fawn | March Kit | A Week In My Life

I have recently switched over my "to-go" calendar to be housed in my Freckled Fawn Travelers Notebook.  There is a week overview and each day has it's own timed daily in these inserts which makes it really fun to deck out my planner!

Using the March kit, I've done the whole week exploration style with the wonderful mapped arrows and bright orange washi tape.  

I loved the abundance of tag stickers and used them along the spine to house the big boys practice schedule.

On the next page I used that arrow washi and doubled it up on the bottom of the page.  Gives it a little grounding and dimension with it in two layers.  I have also cut  the square in half and placed it on the edges of the column for focus on some FF to-do's.

The large puffy stickers add a bit of bold pop along with the arrow bleeds to house more list making.

I again used some sticker bleeds in combination to the regular tags and arrows.  

Cutting the single piece of washi into columns made the design very different, don't you think?

And for my weekend vibes, I used the wood veneer frames but cut off the frame part.  I did rub each piece with brown stamp ink to disguise the natural cut marks.

With the arrows directing focus on the tasks at hand, how could I be lead astray.

Thank for joining me today here on the blog!

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