One Little Bird | Between Us

I tried a few new techniques I hadn't tried (or seen) before.  Super sure they aren't new and there is no 'wheel inventing' either, but I just wanted to share them with you guys.  

The first picture above, I added a One Little Bird's "Between Us" paper digitally and then added the physical paper (with dimension) to the photograph. I added a few silver stars to round out the picture.

 I also used a blurry pictures that was totally un-salvageable...thought it would be a good idea to use it as a backdrop for one of the collections Journal Cards! I did this digitally but probably would have preferred it physically with dimension. I guess there is always next time!

I tried to play it loose with the collection elements circling the 'No.4' in honor of his birthday and adding a photostrip of him blowing out the candles.  His expression is priceless to me!

Another completed page for the 2016 album!  Yippee!  Thanks for stopping by!

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