Freckled Fawn | In my humble opinion by Kim

Memory keeping and planning are just about the same thing.  For scrapbooking, pocket page, travelers notebook or whatever form of memory keeping you do,  you have limited space to tell a story marked by time pictures, drawings, any physical things that conveys a memory using supplies you choose.  Everything about planning, I think, is the same as those keepsakes we treasure; you choose the foundation, supplies and content.  The only difference between the two is the story. In planning's case, the story is right now, current, or is yet to come. It's all about thinking ahead to make those future events tangible and creating the story we want to have told by what occasion, task or intention that is coming around the corner (or the next page)!

Remember that you are the artist controlling you're own direction creatively in this planning endeavor.  Enjoy it for creating sake and use your killer skills to direct your daily, weekly and yearly path with beauty, expression and full of your voice the way you want to.

I just wanted to say thank you for choosing Freckled Fawn to be your helping hand in using your creative voice!  Your past, present and future story is unique, personal and a blessing to everyone!

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