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Hi there!  
I've done it too....Just cut a piece of paper to wrap around your Travelers notebook and called it good.  But with with the new 12 x 12 papers that is available with the monthly kit, there are so many other ways, with useful functions, to take on making an insert cover.

This is the front cover of the first notebook in my planner.  As a dashboard, I wanted it to reflect the life and busyness that it holds inside.  I started by trimming the scalloped paper by the height of insert.  I dressed it up by putting a journal card on point and making a tabbed picture of Luke on top.

I also wanted to make myself a statement card which will motivate me for the rest of 2017 and will be housed on the inside front pocket of my pink bows FF travelers notebook.  It's just a piece of patterned paper with a journal card as a base for some typing I did on some vellum. A cut label sticker was placed at the top and bottom of the card as well.

As we flip over to the backside of the TN cover it's looks innocent enough. There is a flap on the left with a corner turned and stapled up next to those cute houses.  I placed a picture of Luke again as he sat on my home office floor one sunny day.  

Inside there is also a pocket on the bottom made from the upper scraps of the scalloped paper, that I adhered on three sides.  I also created a half circle closure on the upper right.  

Using an xacto knife, I made a half moon shape where I can tuck the flap in for safe keeping.  I added some washi from the kit as well, thinking that this will help the paper from ripping since I have a feeling I will be using it a lot!

Now that it's finally open, you can see that I have place labels strategically at a distance from one another, so that I can have room to write a bunch of lists (probably about 2018 goals)!

Thank you for joining me today!!


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