4 Planners Made with One Insert

Well Hello there my lovelies!  This is Kim and I'm a new member of the Design Team for 2018! If you'd like to get to know me a little bit better you can always check out my personal IG page under 'krodesigns' :)

Lets get started with today's project!  When I did my Facebook Live about the digital download reveal in the ML Group, I talked about the two types of planners I made with the schedule page that is included in the free digital download link provided on the title card in the December Little Bits Box.  This time I made two more for you to look at and make yourself!

Let's start with the bound planners I made!  Each has a different type of cover but the insides are absolutely the same. The frenchie puppy paper one was part of the digital kit where I covered 2 pieces of chipboard for the front and back covers with the printed cardstock paper.  The disk bound planner is two files, digitally sandwiched together, printed out on paper and laminated. Obviously both were punch with separate punch techniques but don't forget that your local copy shop has some  very affordable binding options if you don't have the tools at home.

I did need to resize the original half-letter sized sheet to made space for the binding.  Once I opened it in Adobe Reader, I clicked print.  The default scale is 100%  but I backed it down to 85% and just trimmed the top and bottom to measure 7 inches wide.  Then I just sliced it down the middle and placed the plain edge to the left for punching.  Coincidentally, if you have a B6 travelers notebook and would like an insert, print them out using the 85% rule, trim the top and bottom the same and bind it using the same technique I've layed out in the You Tube Video linked below.  Once you get it all assembled, you'll have the guts for the inside of a B6 TN insert.

I did make the back cover with a pocket. I just placed an additional piece of paper on top of the one I printed, laminated it and then, using my craft knife just sliced the plastic enough at the top of the pocket so it can become open again.

Isn't she adorable?! She was made using the ombre star, lock screen and digital stamps words all put together electronically and printed!

Now...lets talk about the Travelers Notebook inserts I made.

I made two different sizes using the same pdf file. The first wasn't very difficult because I printed the half-letter sized insert 'as is' and printed out the included 'plan your day' cover and assembled it!  The other insert I made was for the physical kits exclusive A6 Travelers notebook. This insert was shrunk to 75% to accommodate the size of the A6 TN.

For making the A6 insert, I put together a little You Tube video that is on Mommy Lhey's Channel.  Below is that same video which walks you through step by step on how to do it!

Thank you for joining me on my first Mommy Lhey blog post of the New Year!  Let me know if you have any questions!


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