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As most of you know, or maybe not,  my roots for my love of planning go way back to pre-paper.  I'm a reformed quilter who loved the tearing apart to put back together aspect of cutting and sewing.  And I thought it was time to infuse a touch of those sensibilities in my planner for a fresh start for 2018.

In the pockets of my Mommy Lhey Pink-a-dots Standard size Travelers Notebook, I've got a black striped bag I added stitching to. But here is the thing, I sewed the paper by itself then glued it onto the outside of the bag so the bag is still functional to put goodies in.  I also added a ribbon to the bottom of my flair paper clip instead of the top to keep this little cutie company!

This guy is one of my favorite characters ever of Mommy Lhey's!  I had to digitally color his cute tongue and back him with a sticky note and some striped paper too!

 A collection of washi and stickers makes the back side of the striped paper a perfect place to land.

On the opposite page I gold foiled one of the puppy papers included in the freebie digital link on the back of the physical kit title card. The tag on top was a cinch to made. I just cut a piece of packaging sewed along the edges, punched a hole and added a sticker and a die cut too!  The doily on the back adds another bit of homemade touch, don't you think?!

I did print off one of the digital files as is and placed it in one of my plastic dashboards. Mommy makes it so easy to spruce up our planners with ready to go products including the foiled acetate in this months kit!

I usually have so very many scraps hanging out on my table after cutting numerous insert covers, I decided to sew them together to make an insert cover with them too!  I thought it would be nice to use some of my neglected decorative stitches on my machine to round it out.

I then finished out the page with a cut out of my favorite Frenchie and a digital stamp too.

If you noticed this bag hanging around it was a part of the packaging.  I decided to make it shorter by cutting off the bottom, re sewing it together and making a stand up catch all bag for my die cuts, washi and extra pens on my desk!

I hope you enjoyed some of the homespun set-up of my planner using the much loved December kit!

If you haven't gotten a chance to see the unboxing of this special kit.... here it is!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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