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Hi there!  I made myself another planner. (yup, insert eye roll here.)  I know, I know but listen to my reasoning.  When I'm in my office for the majority of the day, the main planner I work with says there, besides some nightly outings to the living room to sit and plan for the next day.  I've noticed that my meal planner and wellness insert where I track my eating habits are not getting used consistently.  After thinking about it for a while it isn't the fact that I don't want to write down what I want to make or eat, it's the fact that its not in the kitchen when I need to write these certain things down.

Using the Everyday wishes kit, it was a cinch to put together.  The personal size dividers needed just a hare of a trim to fit perfectly on top of the other pattered paper to make then super sturdy.

I made a little bag out of this beautiful patterned paper which will hold my grocery receipts for tracking expenses.  To make then easy to stuff in I used my pinking sheers to trim the front down to one layer and arched the top too.

I folded the sides together for a seam down the back and angled the corners on the bottom to make it crease up nicely.

A paperclip holds a few extra goodies on the back!

And my leading lady looks on to some daily notes that I can take out quickly and throw in my purse.  I did add one die cut in the corner to make me feel as if I'm trying to make it pretty!

One of my favorite parts about every kit is the acetate.  I trimmed and laminated it for a bookmark for easy turning on my wellness insert.

I love that a quick and easy project can make me feel so much more organized!

Thank you for stopping today!!

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