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Hello everybody. It's Kim here, KRO designs on Instagram and Twitter. Mommy Lhey has for the past 6 months has had the A6 size travelers notebook included in the Little Bits Box. 

I know a lot of of you are already enjoying the planner that you are in, weather it be a Traveler's Notebook or not and some of you are wondering "what am I going to use this for, what am I going to do with it?". Well today, I wanted to show you all of the options that I have come up with and how to use your beautiful A6!

1. A Wallet

So this first one I know a lot of you have already seen this. I do have a tutorial on how to make it and I've turned the A6 size into a pocket wide, but it is wonderful as a wallet. 

I've got dashboards, on the go lists, a meal planner and also, if I need to make appointments, I know when to schedule them or not to with the calendar insert. 

2. Memory Keeping

 I wasn't really doing anything with the pictures that are on my phone so I literally just bankrolled the whole camera roll to Walgreens. I didn't even edit them at all.  I just stuck them in it and trimed where It was necessary. It was fun where I decided to journal a little bit about the random family things that we did. 

I used primarily all extra Mommy Lhey goods in her. I've also used older parts that I've saved from what was left after I've dismantled my planner for the next month.  Old dashboards, insert covers, you name it, I used it :) But I thought what a wonderful way to document my fall in my winter while recycling some of my favoite pieces from Mommy.  It's also fun to flip through later on in the year too.

3. A Sticker Book

I got it's a great idea from @reissaplans on Instagram. She uses it as a sticker book and I did the same thing except she went to the store and grabbed one of those inexpensive photo books.  I actually made my own sticker book using Project Life sleeves design 'B' because an A6 TN is  4 by 6 which is a common picture size, right?! I trimmed off the last row of picture pockets outside of the fuse line. I then cut the last section in half vertically to create to folded pages.  I trimmed them a smidgen (1/8th inch) vertically so it fit within the notebook.  Then I can decorate it like I would a planner with a dash board and cover.  I've got not only my sticker samplers here I also have a whole bunch of die cuts along with those half size sheets of sticker sheets. This is perfect for on the go!!

4. Bullet journaling/ brain dump/ pre-planning. 

I don't know what you want to call it but I had a week where I just wanted to get out of my normal planner and I wanted to do something different. 

Adding pictures I that have in my stash also reminds me of why I'm trying to be efficient with my time.  There is always a great place on the other side of my planner. I also wanted to test run some of Mommy's NEW stamps and play with them a little.

 Every day I just pulled one or two stamps off my shelf went to town and started writing.  It really took just a few seconds to put each page together and was a fun get away from my normal routine:)

5.  Challenges/ Creative Playtime

I love daily/weekly challenges where I get to creative for just me! I spent time using physical and also digital only pages because using a computer doesn't have to be just for mundane tasks. I really enjoyed just playing and enjoying decorating and just doing my thing for me :) Using challenge prompts were a great way for me to get started and having a jumping off point. 

6. Insert storage/ Note pages. 

I've got a couple of insert booklets and I just wanted to stick them in a place where they aren't going to get ruined or lost.  It is basically waiting for me to use it or if I needed a notepad I can just grab it off the shelf really quickly.

7. An actual planner
Yes you can use your A6 as a planner:) I had fun decorating it and getting it ready for anytime I needed to pull it off the shelf and use it.  If you've got it all set up with the insert you usually use, It isn't hard to plug and play the content from one planner to another! 

Here is the You Tube Video that I made using highlighting these ideas and flipping through each and every one of them.

*********INSERT VIDEO HERE *************

Thanks for joining me here today!

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