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Oh Happy Day it is!  The newest collection from the Fairytale Club is all about being fresh while keeping to a Retro Vibe kinda feel!

I started off with the main pockets of my personal sized ring bound planner.  The pockets are all filled with tags and die cuts galore.    Her kits make it so easy to decorate!  Everything is usable straight out of the kit!

The dashboard is made using the gold geometric acetate included in the kit!  I then added a few of those fabulous golden stickers too add to the glimmer!  Most of the decoration is actually on the dashboard behind.  

The tab, die cut, as well as the the washi tape strip are secured there to create a layered look.

The next kit dashboard came with these cute houses on it.  I decorated it with a cut-a-part happy day card with some black paper for pop,  the new washi tape strips and a die cut.  

On the back of the next dashboard is a cute notecard but the cool part about it is the flair that I turned into a paperclip charm.

All I did was drill a hole in each of the flair.  I used some twisted wire and added some o rings to create the dangle and before assembling, I strung some of the sequins on the wire.  It is a simple and sweet way to use the flair in your planner!

I was fond of the bookmark I made form the acetate too.  Pieces of paper were cut to fill in the negative space between the gold lines.

And because the pattern paper is two sided, it was really easy to execute. I did laminate it and then slit the whole punches so that it can be easily put in a different place every day!

This dashboard is one of my favorites.  I stitched around the outside of the flower on the back side with my sewing machine.  

But the cluster of the housed are on different size adhesive foam dots really makes it a special page turner.

For stitching on this dashboard I used some white embroidery floss and to cover the stitching on the other side....

I elevated this packaging with some diecuts!

The last detail I made using this happy kit was a quick pocket using 2 of the personal size dividers.  

I used the washi tape in the kit in an edge pattern cutting them into lengths and wrapping them around the backside dashboard.

I very much enjoyed setting up my new personal ring planner using this beautiful and fun kit. 

Thanks for joining me today!

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