Free Templates

Please use these for non-commercial purposes only and if you don't mind, please give credit to krodesigns who spend a lot of time putting these together for you for free.

PLANNING for a Stress Free HOLIDAY!
Stress Free Holiday

A6 Templates

A6 Insert Cover

A5 Dashboard and bookmark

A5 Dashboard and template

Mommy Lhey/ Paper House

Sticker Book Templates

Fun Sticker Book Template

Functional Sticker Book Template

Travelers Notebook 101

Travelers Notebook 101


Pocket TN Dashboard Insert and Insert Cover
Pocket TN Accordion Pocket Template

Pocket TN Wallet Template

B6 Set Up

B6 Secretarial Pocket Insert

B6 Dashboard Pocket Insert

B6 Insert Cover

B6 Accordion Pocket Template

Standard Size Set Up

Standard TN Size Insert Cover

Standard TN Size Dashboard Insert


  1. Thank you for the templates. You are very generous. Love your YouTube videos. 😍

  2. Purchased my planner today after you provided me some guidance - so thank you! And signed up for your updates. I am so excited!


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